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I have worked with Ilyse on scaling my massage therapy studio to a third location. She has helped me take a deep dive into our numbers, and thoroughly understand and project where the business is heading. She has given me extremely helpful feedback, advice, and has been very supportive in a time of transition with my company. When I was considering purchasing another business, Ilyse helped me look into the numbers and value the company appropriately, saving me a lot of time and stress and money. I could not have done this on my own. I highly recommend her as a business consultant!
— Rachel Beider, CEO/Founder, Massage Williamsburg, Massage Greenpoint, and Massage Outpost
Ilyse’s feedback on my business plan was pivotal to restructuring and simplifying the final content and plan. Her poignant questions helped me define my mission, vision, and outcomes of the business which will assist in delivering to the right markets and with a solid product. I look forward to working with Ilyse as the company and brand evolve. I highly recommend Ilyse as a business consultant.
— Christina Liedke, CEO/Founder, NOSOFA
I recently asked Ilyse to review the go-to-market strategy and financial model for a new business venture in the haircare industry. Her expertise in financial modeling, coupled with her years of experience working with others in the salon and consumer retail space, provided valuable insights. She reviewed the financial projections in detail, focusing on unit economics and ensuring we had identified the right business drivers, as well as realistic pricing and customer volume expectations as we scale. I will certainly look to her input again as the business develops and grows.
— Ceci Kurzman, Founder, Nexus Management Group
Ilyse helped me understand which tasks to delegate to my employees, which helped me free up time to focus on running the business. I am now working ON the business, not IN the business! She also helped me dive in to the financials so I could make better decisions about how to manage inventory and grow sales. She has built numerous financial models and reports for us that make it easier than ever to stay on top of the numbers.
— Bob Kaplan, Owner/Franchisee, Batteries + Bulbs
Ilyse helped me tremendously during my company’s transition from only hiring 1099 Contractors to instead hiring everyone as W-2 employees. Ilyse’s strategic direction allowed us to maintain our revenue levels, retain all of our team members and somehow not ruin any client relationships in the process. For anyone who has built a company from the ground up, dramatically shifting models after nearly a decade is terrifying. I’m indebted to her guidance without which our HR team would have struggled immensely.
— Sara Lyon, CEO/Founder, Glow Birth and Body and The Birth Deck
From the time we began working together, Ilyse shared my passion for finding better ways to measure and drive greater employee happiness, engagement and retention. She helped me think through the business model as the company evolved from a purely SAAS offering to growing its consulting suite. She also guided me on some of the best practices that were being implemented by our competitors, which helped us further develop our own offerings. I can only highly recommend working with Ilyse who has an amazing breadth of knowledge and experience and is unusually smart, great to work with and able to nail and improve complex processes and situations. Thank you!
— Olivier Charnoz PhD, Co-Founder, GoUp